Protecting Our Teeth From What You Eat

Our teeth are very strong and they perform a lot of tasks that we really don’t realize that they do.  As such, you really want to take your time and really care for them.  If you don’t care for them or if they become damaged, you will need to get them fixed. 

One of the easiest ways to damage our teeth is through the process of eating.  When we eat foods, we are placing them in direct contact with the foods that we eat.  If these foods are too hard or otherwise compromised, they can cause damage to our teeth requiring an emergency tooth extraction fort payne.

Food too large

One of the issues that we face is that food is too large.  We will have a tendency to look at something that we like and want and try to consume it as quickly as possible.  When doing this we can cut off more than we can chew.  It is important that we have our food in manageable pieces.  When we do this, it will be less stressful on our teeth.

Avoid hard foods

The next area that we need to look at is having our feed too hard.  Eating foods such as ice, nuts and hard candies might sound like a good idea.  However, when we do this, we are putting extra stress and strain on our teeth.  Where the problem comes in with this is that if we bite into something at a wrong angle or if we try to bite something that is just too hard, our teeth will pay the price.

emergency tooth extraction fort payne

If you are going to eat hard food, try to break it up into smaller pieces that our teeth can handle.  You can take a mallet or hammer and break up our foods, so they are smaller and easier to chew. 

Taking care of our teeth starts with the food that we eat.  Examine your diet and see what it is you can cut out or modify so that your teeth don’t pay the price.