Summer Pests You Should Worry About

Summer is the most anticipated season of the year for most people. They enjoy the fun ambiance that warm weather creates and the fun that takes place outside of the home. However, pests are also out there enjoying the warm weather and can quickly ruin your fun. Although dozens of pests can be a problem at your Biloxi home, some of the most common include:

·    Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes bite because they need human blood to fertilize their eggs. Only female mosquitoes bite. If any standing water is on your property, remove it at once. Also call a professional to arrange mosquito control service. This pest carries diseases that can be transmitted to humans!

·    Ticks: Another problematic pest during the summer is the tick. Humans and pets alike are at risk for tick bites, which often lead to illness and can lead to Lyme disease. Schedule residential tick control biloxi now and that is yet another concern that you can put out of your mind.

·    Ants: Since ants hibernate during the winter they eagerly come out in full force when warm weather arrives. They’re a problem for many inside of the home and outside as well. You can reduce the risks of an ant infestation by keeping the kitchen clean. Professionals can also come out to treat/prevent ants.

·    Fleas: Pet owners experience more problems with fleas than non-pet owners, but do not assume that all is well if you fit into the latter category. Fleas from the neighbor’s pets can infest your home and become a problem!

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·    Termites: Termites increase in numbers during the summer. You are more likely to see a termite during the summer than in the spring. They cause massive damage to the home and demand fast solutions to prevent entire structure destruction.